Safe and Sound

"I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, I'll never let you go When all those shadows almost killed your light. I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone. But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight. Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe and sound"
-Taylor Swift

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Detskiy Dom № 5

I miss it so much. I want to be back there so much.
     As you drive up the long, winding road to Visotky Village, you see the bright red roof of the orphanage. You close your eyes, and count to 30, now you hear the giggles of kids, "Amerakanka! Eta Briiid-zheeht! Oo ni yest padarek?"
     You open your eyes and see Toma, swinging on the broken swing, whistling into the wind. Galya running up to you "Briiid-zhyeht!!!! Ya skachayoo po tebya!!!!". You pick her up and carry her piggy-back inside, where you are ushered to a small room, to be welcomed. All the kids are waiting outside the door. As you hear the director go on about something, in a language that you do not know, all you want to do is go and see the kids.
     Z is nowhere to be seen, all the orphans run off with "kitty" to get their presents, while Nastia and I are going to the bathroom. Z begins to walk past us, and then latches onto me from behind. "Prri-zha" (She can't say my name correctly, so, Prizha will do!).

     Now, that was only the first 10 mnutes....But, I will describe to orphanage:
When you walk in, the floor boards are creaky and wet. At lunch, I didn't dare ask what was in my soup...little did I know that it was cow heart. In the bathroom, no toilet paper. BOOK PAGES! On the walls are faded drawings done by the children. When you go upstairs, there are four bedrooms, each with easily 25 kids. They are packed in there like sardines. The beds are not even twin sized beds! Think back to summer camp when you were a kid, how little the beds were. They sleep on those every night. The ground level windows have bars on them. And these kids live here every day of the year.
     What will they get for Christmas? Likely a piece of fruit, and if they're extra lucky, a piece of candy. While kids in America are dreaming of getting a Wii, or a new TV, clothes, books, games, electronics, money. While my sestra is dreaming of a family, or nutritious food.
     On one of my favorite blogs, Last Mom, her daughter was in sunday school and was asked, what are you thankful for. This girl is from the U.S. foster care system, as haD been sience age 4 and was adopted at age 10. One girl says I'm thankful for my dog, a boy says, I'm thankful for my Nintendo. "Princess" said she was thankful for a BED. A BED.
     I almost fell out of my chair with the realization that kids EVEN HERE don't have a safe place to sleep tonight. Or if they do, it's on a cold, hard, floor.
     I will repeat, again and again, please help me bring one little girl home, to be safe, warm, dry, toilet-paper-enabled, loved, cared for and adored.
It costs about $20,000. Think. Twenty-thoudand-dollars. Let that sink in.
And it's me, a thirteen year old girl, trying to raise it....little help here?

"Oh, honey pie, you are making me wont you please come home."
-The Beatles

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 15 days of Christmas

Alright. Fine. It's the twelve days of Christmas. But in this caase, 15. Okay? This is a challenge. I want to raise enough money to get her home!!!!!
Here are the rules:
Today is December 10. I want to raise $10 today. Tomorrow is the eleventh, I want to raise $11 tomorrow.
Everyday, I want to at least raise the amount of the date. (Dec. 25= $25)
It's the Christmas season! Or Hannukah. Or Kwanza. Or Diwali. Whatever holiday you celebrate, this time of year is full of giving! I know a lot of families have many, many, many gifts to buy, for children and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and cousins and grandparents galore! And I understand if you don't have the money to give, but if you do, please? For Z?
     If this challenge goes succefully, we should have about $250 by the end of December. Maybe more. Please?
Merry Christmahannakwanzawali!
Much much love this holiday season!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Busy Bee Bridget

A weekend, what a relief! I've been really busy the past two days! Ok, I know thats not an excuse to not be blogging, but, I have.
GOOD NEWS (Okay, maybe just to me, but still...) I AM LOUISA!!!!!! GO TO THE LAST POST IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD ABOUT THE SOUND OF MUSIC YET!!!!!! Wow, but the rehursals are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays until March...Oh boy...
     Thursday I had play practice until 4:30 (school is from 8 until 2:45) and then girlscouts until 6. Then a 5 paragraph thematic essay, some math homework and SLEEP.
      Today was play practice until 3:30, and then piano lessons until 5. Less crazy, yes. But it's my dad's birthday, so no relaxing here! I got home, and a best friend of mine has had a very bad week, so I'm going and sleeping over her house to comfort her in a few minutes.
      All that on top of trying to keep up in real life, I am exausted!
We're getting closer to out goal, but still need donations!!!!!! And if you do want a bracelet, email ,e at THANK YOU!
Z will be so happy!!!!!!! I would say she thanks you, but she doesn't even know she's being adopted yet!
-Much Love
p.s. Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hills are Alive ♪♫♪♫♪

Mmmph. School Musicals..... Sound of Music......... I want to be Loiusa... But in order to audition for any of the girl parts, even if you don't want to be Maria, you must sing the "Sound of Music"...
     Would somone like to explain how a girl like ME is going to be able to pull of OPERA?!?!
Or if you would like to offer help....
     And donations for Z are still being accepted. And they are still greatly needed. So, over there ------->>>

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


How I wish the song "Price Tag" was true (go here if you have not heard the song yet). Or at least the part that goes:
The big Jug that we keep the adoption money in
"It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the price tag
Ain't about the (uh) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching
Ain't about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the price tag."

It would be SO amazing if the cost of adoption was even 3/4 the price it is.
     (In the font that I used, it looks like 20.000, no, twenty thousand dollars.....)
We need to raise that to get her here.... That IS including air-fare. A few generous people have already donated. But we DO need more! I personally do NOT like to ask for money, with no product in return. BUT if you do want a product, leave a comment saying what color bracelet (you can do multiple colors). You can choose out of red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, or turquoise. :)
     On a different-but-same note, Z MIGHT be elligable for a "speacial needs" grant. But, we have not found one that works with indepentant adoptions. Yes, she does have "speacial needs", but not in the way most people think of them. Her condtion is very serious. Statistics show that if she is left in Russia with her condition, she will probably only live until age 19. GIVE HER A CHANCE AT A FULL LIFE! Maybe that will motivate you? Or not, because no matter what, any orphaned child deserves a home.
      Z's lucky, and so are lots of others, but what about the others? Are they gotting adopted? No. Do they know that someone on the other side of the world cares about them? Think about Lira, she was so amazingly adorable, but we cannot take them all. She would LOVE to have a home. A family. A mother to call her own. But I can almost guaruntee that she wont get one this year. Galya? Will she get a family? Unlikely.
     November is Adoption Awareness Month. If we can get $2,000 by November 30th, we can start on her adoption. Right now, it still is simply a "We will do it." Not "We did it" yet. Okay? Thats 22 days. So if I get $100 a day, we can do it.
     I'm going to be a combined Bob The Builder and Barack Obama here:
Bob, the builder

Friday, November 4, 2011

3 pieces left

As you know, Halloween was on Monday.... While I did not get that much candy, I did get a lot. Which made me think: How excited were the kids at the orphanage when we went to the store with them and let them get candy?  They were so excited for one piece of candy the size of a quarter! And we get more than a pound of candy? Is that fair? No! It's not! So, I gathered all of my halloween candy, and divided it up: Things that will melt, things that won't melt and things I don't want to eat. And, after much trading with my brother, and lots of unfairness and yelling, I ended up with 5 sandwich bags filled with candy for Z, Galya, Valya, A and D. And I only kept 3 pieces for myself.
     Also, a while ago, we made photo albums for those 5 kids (we had the most pictures of them) And we're planning on mailing them soon. Thank goodness we didn't mail them sooner! Now, each kid gets:
  • A photo album
  • A bag of candy
  • A notebook
  • A doodle book
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • A special Letter for them specificaly
     Now, if anybody would like to write a letter to one of the kids there, maybe one that caught your heart in the pictures, comment with the letter and I'll translate it into Russian and send it to them! Be sure to include the child's name (or first initial...with gender!) and your name!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
OH! And you can now officially donate for Z's adoption (on the right)!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the land of forgotten dreams...

Before you start reading this, it's a story that I'm writing spur of the moment). It has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, other than the fact that I love writing... Here you go!

Chapter 1
Through the Dream Field

In the land of forgotten dreams, there live thousands of veterinarians, prima ballerinas, doctors and athletes.
"Why are all of these things here?" thought Rosie, as she walked through the field, looking at each and every person who walked by, taking in their faces, trying to see if she recognized anyone.
    A chorus of voices in the background were chanting something like "Nos ex ... libertatis autem". A few people walked by, no, they wern't walking, more like, floating? and that's when Rosie noticed. These people did not have feet.
    "Excuse me, Miss," She said to the sickly thin model, "Where am I?"
    The model stared back in silence, and after a few moments, replied, "No one knows where we are, kid. Just go with it. And don't ask too many questions." she began, "By the way, I'm Tia, and you are...?"
     "Rosalinda Ericka Kennon. Now, why am I here?" Rosie asked, now slightly irritated.
    "Well, I can't tell what you are, probably an actress. We've got lots of those here." Tia grabbed another girl by the wrist and pulled her over to where they were floating. "Ramona, meet Rosalinda Ericka Kennon. I've got to go tend to the ponies, Ramona, show Rosalinda around."
    Rosie felt bad for Ramona, she didn't look much more than 15. "Hi. I'm Ramona. Um, I guess I can show you around, if you want..." She started.
     "You can just call me Rosie. Tia didn't quite answer my question, Why am I here?"
     "You're here because you were someones childhood dream. That's what all of us are. I'm an artist, but, guess that kid wont be one. Once in a while, though, you'll see someone shoot up out of that opening over there screaming Lorem ipsum!!! Means 'I'm Free' in Latin. Most people here speak Latin. Don't know why. Anyway, a little girl named Lily wanted to be an artist when she was little, so she pursued it for a little while, fifteen months actually. Then moved on, and I got moved here. There are millions of us here. Dreams, we like to call ourselves." Ramona told her.
     "So, someone wanted to be an actress when they were little, but then abandoned that, so I got sent here. Right?" Rosie said.
     "Yep. Basically. But when someone re-adopts their childhood dreams, they take back the Dream that they abandoned" Ramona started "I just keep waiting to see if Lily wants to be an artist again... She never seems to do so, though. But, right now, she's only 13, so, I guess I still have a while to go." Ramona sighed a heavy sigh after this.
     "Alright, who wanted to be an actress? Who gave me up?" Rosie asked.
     "Well, it's really quite simple. Look at the inside of your wrist, silly!"
     So, Rosie turned her hand over, and sure enough, etched into her wrist with dried blood on it were three words:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Matroyshka Doll

     If you are in the process of adopting, and you have a Russian Matroyshka doll, please follow me in this... Last night, I broke out the blue and white doll I got in Red Square. I opened it up to all five dolls, its full size. And then realized that this is not a true image. I imagine these dolls to be a family. The biggest one being Dad, second biggest one being Mom (even though I am taller than her the third smallest one being me, the second smallest, my brother. But, where's the littlest one? That doll represents Z.
     If you choose to take part in this, and you are adopting (There's at least one of you out there!) Take out the same number of dolls as there are in your family (eg. 4 people= 4 dolls). When your adopted child/sibling comes home, you take out the final doll. If there are already 5 people (typical doll set) you can double the dolls. Say, there are 2 parents, 2 sisters and a brother, you put the two sisters as one. The dolls are incomplete without the littlest one there. So is your family (while you have chosen to adopt; if not, carry on!) without the littlest one. Or middlest one. If your adoptive child is in between ages of already there children, put it inside the bigger one. And, if you don't have a sufficient amount of people in your immediate family, add aunts, uncles cousins to fill the gap(s).
     Now, when all this is done; display it! When your adoptive child comes home, your matroyshka family can grow along with your family. Just make sure there is enough room for your littlest one.

p.s. the Donation button will be up ASAP!

Monday, October 3, 2011

On her way home...

"Not arriving
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

Two of us sending postcards
Writing letters"

-The Beatles
Two of us

     That is the anthem of my head right now. It's not the entire song, because, well, it's a mushy love song. But! If we dissect the lyrics (magical sparkling noises, like what you hear in a children's unicorn cartoon.)
"Not arriving": Z certainly isn't arriving anytime soon. Sadly, BUT! Stay tuned for more amazing news!
"On our way back home": She is on her way back home! Or, maybe not back per-say, but, at least coming home. And, I do plan on being there when she comes home. Yes. WE will be on our way back home. Hopefully in June.
"Wer'e on our way home,
We're on out way home,
We're going home!": She's on her way home! She's on her way home! She's coming home!
And, I plan on sending her postcards, and letters, when she know's we're adopting her.
     On another note, No, she does not know we are adopting her. Because, what would happen if she knew. She would get really excited and happy, right? Now, what happens if something happens? A devastated Z, that's what.
     And, the good news! If there are 16 really  generous people reading this, and they feel like donating $1000 each, we can pay for her adoption! Yes! We can still do an indepentant adoption! Only $16,000 instead of the $40,000 we thought it was going to cost. But, we still need the air fare. I'll show you what that looks like. There is a manditory 2 trips.
1st trip: around $6,000 in air-fare.
2nd trip: around $10,000 in air-fare.
That's if we all go on both trips. Which wont happen. Nice: Yes. Possible: Nope.
     And more news! I found even more of the kids on the adoptoin website! So, I'm advocating for them!
 Here's a few girls, I didn't recognize any of the boys, except one, who's already being adopted.

Tamara M.

№ tdpx
Kemerovo region
Brothers and sisters do not
Possible forms of the device:
adoption, guardianship, foster family
The girl was born in August 1998
Gray eyes
Hair dark brown
The character of a modest, kind, lively
Where to go

That's Toma. She's sweet and kind. She's one of the kids who followed me around.

Catherine C.

№ 2bt6y
Kemerovo Region
has a brother or sister
Possible forms of the device:
adoption, guardianship, foster family
The girl was born in January 1999
Blue eyes
The nature of single-minded, optimistic, demanding
Where to go

That's Katya. She speaks a little bit of english, I don't know much about her except that she's very bright!

Valery B.

№ 8him
Kemerovo region
Brothers and sisters do not
Possible forms of the device:
adoption, guardianship, foster family
The girl was born in September 1999
Blue eyes
Hair dark brown
Nature sociable, cheerful, inquisitive
Where to go

That is Lira! She's VERY social and tries her best to communicate with you, So sweet!

Яна М.

№ 27lhm
Кемеровская область
Есть братья или сестры
Возможные формы устройства:
усыновление, опека, приемная семья
Девочка родилась в июне 2000
Глаза голубой
Волосы русые
Характер общительная, активная, настойчивая
Куда обращаться

That's Yana. She's VERY quiet, and realllllllyyyy tiny! But, she's just so cute!

Валентина Д.

№ 1rma2
Кемеровская область
Братьев и сестер нет
Возможные формы устройства:
опека, приемная семья
Девочка родилась в апреле 2001
Глаза карий
Волосы русые
Характер общительная, активная, творческая
Куда обращаться

Valya! She is one of my favorites! I love her so much! She desperatly want's a family.

Галина Ч.

№ 2bmve
Кемеровская область
Есть братья или сестры
Возможные формы устройства:
усыновление, опека, приемная семья
Девочка родилась в феврале 2002
Глаза голубой
Волосы русые
Характер спокойная, застенчивая
Куда обращаться

 Galya. She's mine people! Unless we can't raise the funds....She is so super social. In almost all of the videos we took at the orphanage, she's there saying "Privet" and waving to the camera.

SO! I saw some kids that looked farmliar, and I didn't want to say "Oh! This is Nastia! She's really sweet and love's to hug" and then on the next post be saying: Yeah, Nastia isn't at Destky Dom 5, disregard that!"
 Off to bed! Bye!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bunking with a 8 year old and BIG NEWS!

Well, we found where G and I are going to sleep! In a bunk bed! We found it at Ikea a few days ago for only $160! It's kind of boring, but we can add stickers and such.

This is it!
     Any way, I'll be on the top, and she'll be on the bottom. Over the course of the next few months, the whole initials thing will probably get really confusing. So, G that I've been refering to all along, her name can also be spelled with a Zh. It's pronounced like the g in rouge, and spelled with this symbol: Ж. Which, translated to English makes the zh sound. Or j. Or g. Whatever you want to call it. But, from now on, I am going to call her Z. because there is another G at the orphanage that we may or may not adopt.
     Which leads me to my next subject. In case you have'nt heard yet, tons of kids from Detski Dom are on the Russian adoption website! G is there! Z isn't but, she's still available. Here is G's "profile"!
Oh, and by the way, this doesn't mean we now miraculously have all of the money. We still need donations. NEED! Z will never come home unless Russia just starts giving away children (and let's face it, that'll never happen.) We need to raise $40,000 to get her home. There is still the possibility that we can do it by the "old rules" and it will only cost $16,000, but thats still a lot. And we also need airplane tickets. And money for the bed. And matresses (you can't put normal matresses on a bunk bed. $99 each...yikes!). And clothes. And we only have about a little bit saved. So, umm, yeah. This whole adoption thing is going to be really really expensive. So, help us save! And if you cannot donate yourselves, and you have a blog, please advocate for her! You know, if you want to. No pressure.  Can we make it happen? Maybe? But, as I know, and we all know:
  WE CAN DO IT!!!!!
Oh, yeah. We're having technilogical difficulties with accepting donations right now, and will make it possible ASAP, and if you want to donate, just leave a comment saying you would like to, and I'll help you get it in. Okay? Sorry for the "glitches".

Detailed page of the Child

Галина С.

Кемеровская область

У Вас есть братья или сестры

Возможные формы устройства:
усыновления, опеки, приемной семьи

She's so adorable! I love her so much! It's a recent picture too! Well, all's well that end well, right?
Pakah! Dos Svydanya! Goodbye! See ya real soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menya Malaenkaya Sestra!

     For those of you who dont't know Russian, the title means "My little sister". And for those of you who speak fluent Russian, I don't care if that scentence does not make any sense. I took the words "My" "little" and "sister", and put them together.
     Anyway! Yes! For real! She (G) is going to be my little sister soon! WOO HOO! But, here's a catch. We want Need to raise money to get her here. It sounds like alot, but we need $40,000. Don't think about how much I need in total, but think about how much you are able need to give in total. I honesly don't care if it's a penny, or a gazillion dollars. Justlease would you help? And if you really can't afford anything, just encouragement is welcome. Anything to get my little monkey home.
     There is also a possiblility that I will be going back in November. But, this time, instead of $1,000, we need to raise $2,000, just for my air-fare. And another $2,000 for my mother. Again, it's alot, and sometimes, even I think that my ambitions are too big. But, we can do it, tell your best friend, mom, dad, aunt, uncle and cat, and we can just maybe do it.
     What if I put on a puppy face? Pretty pretty please? With a cherry on top?
And a note from my mom.................
Dear Readers,
My name is Kim, I'm the proud mother of Bridget (and her brother, and soon to be "G" whose name, for privacy reasons, I cannot reveal yet)
We have indeed commited to adopting "G" and bringing her out of a life of  hopelessness and into our hopelessly fun and loving family.
G has a serious illness that is treatable here in the U.S. She receives treatment in Siberia, but they have extremely limited resources.
Politics and money are our only obstacles.  The U.S and Russia have just signed an agreement, which prevents private adoptions.  The current cost? $40,000.
I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that money could mean the difference between a REAL LIFE for this child, or a lifetime of bleakness - and a certainly shorter lifetime.  History and statistics show that if she remains where she is, she can expect to live only until about age 19-24. 
I am sure you have already noticed that my little darling, Bridget, can be pretty persistent....and so she has asked me to please ask for and accept donations online.
As Bridget says "Mom, nobody HAS to help us....but for those who WANT to, and are ABLE to....we can give them the opportunity. G would like that."
I have resisted for a long time.  Now, because of our love for this child - I will let go of my pride.
I will add a paypal button - and graciously accept your help, and promise to keep every one of you updated on our progress and G's life.
No funds will move from G's account until they are spent DIRECTLY FOR HER ADOPTION!
If we do not raise enough, then donors will choose a refund or option to use the amount for G at the orphanage (medical care, clothing, whatever you choose).
Thank you, and stay tuned for the adventures of G.............!!
This is Bridget again. I say "No, mom, it's not an option not to not raise enough. It's just a how long it will take. It will not be 'If we don't raise enough'"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Already Saving To Go Back

I know, it might not seem like a lot, but I already have $100 saved up to go back. Or, better yet, adopt my little princess. Sure, it's barely a anything out of the $2000 or so dollars needed to go back, but, hey! I managed to raise $1000 from January to May, so what's the problem with raising another $2000 in an even longer time span? No problem.
     I'm trying not to be too too confident in this, but it just feel's like there's a ball of fire exploding from my gut, just going "Hey! Guess what? If you don't do this, I'm going to make you explode! Are'nt you happy about that? No? Well! Get to work, mister!" Figuratively speaking, of course. But, if it make's you more motivated to help, it's not figurative!
     But, for now, I'm off on my merry selling spree! Some people go on spending spree's when they have a lot of money, I go on selling spree's. To get those spenderers to spend their money, for a good cause. So, If you want to buy something to support those Siberian orphans, here are some picture's of things that I am selling. They can be custom made, for the same price.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Desperately Needed: HOPE

     We need hope more than ever right now. This is not a joke. Or a campaign for orphans. It's not my usual stuff. We need hope.
     Reason: Anya has been shot. With a gun. In her ankle. She was in a store and someone she didn't even know just shot her in the ankle. I don't know the details, and I don't have the authority to share them even if I did. All I know is that she's in a hospital in Kemerovo. We saw the outside of the hospital while we were there and know how horrible it is. I didn't go in (thank God), but the outside looks like something out of a really bad horror movie. There's blood stains outside on the side walk, and on the corner of a busy intersection.
one of the ambulances in kemerovo
     And, to add to that, the ambulances look like dead hippie vans.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More than ever...

     I've been missing my little sister more than anything these past few days. While I've been at Rebel (see Keri's blog), I've been thinking, "If I do great in this scene, G will be able to come home!". Stupid things like that.
     But! There is good news! My dad has said "yes" to adopting her. Now, we need to:
  • Find out if she's actually adoptable
  • Raise the money, $40,000.
  • Get an adoption agency that's not blacklisted in Russia. Preferably in New England, so we don't have to raise extra money to get the social worker to my house.
     Now that we're closer than ever, I miss her more than ever. I keep thinking I see her everywhere I go. A little girl with black hair at the park today made me über excited. It wasn't her. I imagine her sleeping next to me when I sleep at night. I can picture her sitting at our dining room table while we're eating dinner. I can't seem to go 15 minutes without thinking of her.
     So, for now, here's some pictures of me and her, and just her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everlasting Luck

I got home from camp yesterday night. The entire week, I was thinking about how lucky I am. Sure, my life gets confusing and hard at times, but these kids at camp stories are so much more.
     A girl whose sister has a brain tumor, and had to learn how to walk, talk and communicate again. A girl whose sister is 6,000 miles away, and is not allowed to come back to the US, the US embassy in Moscow wont let her. And those are only two of them.
    It makes me excedingly angry. And, I just want my little sister home. She might not even be available for adoption. 
     My birthday is in 5 days. I'll be 13. In three years, if I lived in the orphanage, I'd be kicked out. Just gone. No longer adoptable. Like so many others. Every single Russian orphan has that same fate. Let that sink in. All of them. Unless they get adopted, which isn't likely for most of them.
     America: Sweet Sixteen. Big party. Lots of presents and friends.
     Russian Orphans: Scared to death. Packing their small belongings. Leaving all of thier friends and safety.
     The kids don't have everlasting luck, they have almost no luck. When we were there, Keri asked a little boy what he wanted to be when he grows up. He replied "A coal miner". "Think big"
"A Taxi driver!"
Where are they to turn when they reach 16? When they get too old for the orphanage? When they get thrown out onto the streets? 
Think about that. Where do they go?
Prostitution? Maybe. Drug Dealing? Sure. Suicide? It's possible.
The out aged ones are scrounging for money. They'll do anything for it. They need homes. Now. Before they're too old.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heading off

The main entrance at camp
Later today, I will be heading off to camp. This means I will not have access to this blog while I am there. But it's so amazingly fun! Here are some of the activities:
  • Horse back ride
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Amusement parks
  • Campfires
     It's so insanely fun!!! When I get home, I can post pictures from the 2 weeks. But until then, Ta-Ta for now!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Someday, Somewhere,
The world will have,
Some peace to share.
There will be peace one day,
when all is well,
All together,
We can tell.

"And the world,
Will live as one"
Love, Love,Love,

3rd hint to my sisters name:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

And all the pretty little horses...

Blacks and bays, dapples and greys, Coach and six white horses.
     Written circa 1884, by an enslaved mother singing to her baby girl who she couldn't take care of, because her owner needed their baby taken care of.

     Now, her baby had a mother. That baby will get taken care of, when the mother escapes (which she did, and the baby was 4). She gets fed, and is a normal height and weight for her age. Look at the kids at Detski Dom #5. Little G, who is 8 years old, really could pass off for being 5. These orphans don't need horses (though, they would love them!). They need enough food and CLEAN water to have adequate care. It just scares me to see an almost 9 year old be so tiny. I don't know how they survive. They all need loving families in a not-so-poverty-stricken country.
     I'm heading off to camp on Sunday, for two weeks. My camp is filled with horses, rock climbing, swimming and loads of fun. In about two weeks, all the kids at the orphanage get deported to camp so the orphanage can get cleaned. I have no idea what its like there, but it can't be fun.
     Everyone reading this, you can comment with a letter to one of the kids. I'll translate and print it. Then sent it to the child.
     And, the second hint to my little sister's name:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few things that make me cheer up!

Because I'm really down lately, and want to stay away from the computer, I've discovered some really favorite things! Such as:
  • Reeses Peanut butter cups
  • A very funny blog, Hyperbole and A half, By Allie.
  • Coloring
  • Baking
  • Shiny things covered in glitter
  • Walking my dog, he was almost unwalkable.
     My dog never walked normaly before. It would be "Hey DOG you want to go for a walk!"
DOG "Of course I do!!!! *pant*lick*arf*
ME "Okay, lets go!
Dog oh-so-not-gently rips arm out of socket and we end with a crying Bridget running home to mom to punish the dog and get an ice-pack. BTW the dogs acctual name is DOG, pronounced dee-oh-gee.
     But, he walks now. We got him a be-good collar, and it works! Hallelujah!
     Hyperbole and a half is a very funny blog in which a 25 year old Allie takes her everyday situations and turns them into very dramatic scenes. Her "simple dog" and "helper dog" are there to comfort. She does not post very often, but just look around. She's hilarious.
     AND! For all who have been waiting, all of those pointless snow days have come to a close, and the frantic school year of 2010-2011 is coming to a close tomorrow. That means no more teachers who put their foot up on the black board to show you the bunion that they're getting removed on monday. No more walking up and down 4 flights of stairs everyday. No more waking up at 7am. Sadly, no more Ms. Rosenzweig. She's possibly the best teacher ever. And, the shocking reality hits me, I'll be in high school next year. Not next school year, but next year-year. 2012. Graduating class of 2016. I'll be in college in 5 years! Boy, does that put things into perspective.
     And, I'll possibly be going to Russia even sooner to see my Gorgeous little sister (soul) I'm giving you a puzzle and on the 5th post starting now, comment with what you think is her name. :)

8 minus 1... thats your first hint.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being Home.

     Have you ever heard the saying "Home is where the heart is."? Its a lie. Siberia is where the heart is. In the filthy coal mining region of Kemerovo. In the little, unknown town of Prokop'yvsk.
     Ever since last Monday, I've been in a thick, gloomy fog. I don't want anyone around me. I'm ready to go back to Russia. Even though the people are unpleasant and frowny, they don't fake anything. Americans just smile, even if they're actually not happy, and if you don't have a cheery look on your face, you get asked by millions of people "Whats wrong?". Fact is, if anyone told someone how they were actually feeling, the person who asked in the first place, wouldn't listen!
     I just want to be reconnected with my heart, back in Siberia. Then I can sleep soundly, breath deeply, and let go. But Massachusetts ain't what it used to be, sure, its the same place, with the same Governor and the same people. But, it's lost that comfort that home offers. It doesn't feel the same. Home isn't home anymore. The house that turned into a home, is just back to where it began, a house.
a small village in rural Siberia, where I want to go back.
      There's a feeling coming around with me saying that this is not where I belong. And I agree with it. This is not where I belong. Most nights I've been waking up at about 3-4 am. I can't fall back to sleep. Why? Because when I look t my right, I see a window. Out side of the window is a car, so that I don't walk to school, 2 miles. When I look to my left, I see a bottle of water from the sink, that doesn't have parasites in it. I see a closet full of shoes and clothes that fit. I can't fall back to sleep, because I feel too greedy looking at all of this stuff, that is exclusively mine. I know what you're thinking, be grateful for you have yadda yadda yadda. I am grateful for what I have, and I want less. But, Truth is, the thought that has been occurring to me the most," If I sell all of my stuff that I don't need, I'll be able to go back there in no time.". So for now, anybody want a small bookshelf? $5. lol.
      I guess I'm just saying, I want to go back. The shirt that I wore for most of the trip couldn't have said it better "Home sweet Siberia".

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orphanage visit #2

First off, let me apolgize for not posting in a while, after we went to the orphanage, it was sleep, then travel. Sorry!
    Anyway, orphanage visit #2 was amazing! I want to adopt them all! Of course, I'm not old enough to adopt, so, I've just been begging my mom! There's just so many sweet kids! I love all of them! I'll post pictures later. I ended up walking to the "Magazeena" at least four times, buying candy and ice cream for all of them. I want to find them all homes! 
     I spent most of my time there running around with at least 13 kids following me. I felt like a celebrity! I find each and every one of them special and amazing.  I would go to the bathroom, and come out to see 10 kids waiting for me to come out.
     When I got the chance to sit down on one of the couches, I was immedeadtly seated with  9 kids! 
     The swing in the back yard is beyond broken, its just two poles with "Foot holders" on the bottom, but they continue to use it! Their playground is the most depressing thing I have  ever seen! The slide has spilnters all over it, and the soccer field has no grass on it, just hard, packed in dirt. Oh my!
      When we got back from the orphanage, to Kemerovo, we fell right asleep, for we needed to get up early for the plane. It was 42 hours of no sleep, in a plane or an airport, just waiting for the sad reality of going home to hit us.
     But now that we are home, it feels good, unlimited toilet paper, hot showers, a comfy bed for myself. Milk that's cold and drinkable,water that you can drink from the tap. You don't realize how much you have, until it's taken away. Thats another post for another day, differences from Russia to America. Oh! And I get to tell you about the $12 cokes!
     When we were at the Shermat'evo airport, in Moscow, We saw an italian restaurant, and we were craving it! We went and when we got the check, we discovered they had charged is $32 for four cokes! Thats $12 each! Their excuse "You ordered the big ones, and they have 3 cokes in each one, its not our fault!", But they never told us that we were going to pay that much! Oh, Russia, what are we going to do with you!
     And to all of you who donated... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You don't know how much I  appreciate every single one of your donations, whether it be by thought, or by money. What matters is I got there and I couldn't have done it without you guys!!!! You sent me to the orphanage and back again, and it's the best thing that ever happened to me! All of you have enormous hearts and they will never go to waste! Everyone at the orphanage was elated when I got there, and you guys made that happen! Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orphanage visit #1!

      Yesterday was just a roller coaster ride. Horrible at some parts, amazing at others, but in the end, you just want to do it again. The three hour car ride was like a real roller coaster too, up down up down bounce bounce Since we got back to the "Gasteenitza" yesterday at 7pm, My mom heard nothing but "Please please please!!!! She needs a home! I know she's my sister! How can you just leave her in an orphanage? PLEASE!". Of course, I was referring to this little girlie:
    I love her! And another G and P and S and A and Y and S.  I can't write their names here, but they all need homes with lots of love! Sadly, we didn't get to take too many pictures because it was against the rules of the chaperone, but we snuck a few. 
     I simply cannot wait to go back to the orphanage. Poor G (the other one), when we were handing out bags, the one we packed for her had pierced earrings and hair bands. Her hair isn't long enough for the hair bands, and she doesn't have pierced ears! The poor girl! And K (a teen) got earrings, but she wasn't going to let them go to waste! She pierced her own ears! Oh my!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridget and the very bad no good horrible very bad day..

     Today we woke up very flustered. Today was the day we found out if we were going to the orphanage tomorrow. It was great news when Svetlana called and said we had permission to go to the orphanage tomorrow at 7am! We were all so excited to see them and to spend the day!
      Then, the devastating phone call came. They're only allowing us to stay there for 3 hours. We traveled halfway around the world for these kids, paying thousands of dollars, carrying 7 duffel bags stuffed with toys, and their letting us stay for only three hours, on one day?!?!?! (We hope they will change their mind - and let us return on Friday and Saturday like we planned) Keri and I were in tears. Nastia was sad, and my mom was speechless. We just cried and stayed shocked for over an hour, right before we were about to go to our favorite restaurant, "Shokolodnitsa" (House of chocolate). But, plans were delayed until we calmed down. I hated it. If you know me, I never show any bit of crying unless I'm at home with no one there. I just ran into the bedroom, jumped up onto the window sill, and sobbed. Didn't let anyone in. I was devastated!
Broken Heart     Once we finally got to 'Shokoladnitsa", we calmed down a bit, mostly because we were out of energy. But the pain didn't subside. It was like someone ripped my heart in two pieces. Anya called, and said she was on her way, but we didn't exactly believe her, because she's on "Anya time", which "I'm on my way" means "I'll be there in two hours". But, She showed up! She bright and cheery. Giggly and excited. Happy and adorable.
     After lunch, we went to the "Mall" and got her an outfit from Adidas. On the way there, my mom took a pretty bad fall on the trolley tracks. Ouch! Her camera cracked, but not really broke, which would have made the day even worse, and just when I think this country is so backward, I realize it's memorial day back at home. It's the one time I actually appreciated the US. But, all was well and I got a hand full of Anya hand, proof is in the picture! Well, we've got to get up at 6, and its already 12:30, so, good night!
Me and Anya walking down a street (i forget the name)

Me, Anya and Nastia on the couch, watching her play the fake piano on the ipad.... so sweet