Safe and Sound

"I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, I'll never let you go When all those shadows almost killed your light. I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone. But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight. Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe and sound"
-Taylor Swift

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

I'm giving out "Oscars" to my friends.
Freinds with everyone: Nominated: Tori, Jessica, Amara, Alex or Tyler...
AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Jessica. Therer is no one this girl isn't friends with. Even if she secretly hates them, she'll be kind, caring and won't say anything mean to them.
Kindest: Nominated: Jessica, Tori, Sam, Niamh...
AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Sam. But Niamh and Tori deserve some recognition too. A fight between the three of them would go something like this:
Tori: I hate you!
Sam: I hate you more!
Tori: Oh! Sorry! That was mean! I should'nt have said that!
Niamh: Oh my! Why are you fighting? We should all be friends!
We came up with that verdict at lunch the other day.
Most Generous: Nominated: Katie, Tori, Jessica, Kayla, Amara
AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Katie, "Hey, do any of you guys need food? My dad packed too much, so if you guys want some, go ahead!"

     I really want to say a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY sincere thank you to Mrs. C. She does not even know me, and she sent me $100 for my trip to Russia. If *un-named persons* birthday raises all that she expects, I'll have over $800! Thank you sososososososososososososososososo much! Its amazing how mant people have just given me money! I'm thanking everyone who has contributed to my fundraising right now! If it were'nt for you guys, I would'nt be going soon! And for those of you who have not given money, Thank you for your time and care and words of encouragement! As the Beatles once said "Can't buy me love! No, no, no no!".

Which leads me to my next topic.

All you need is love! Doo doo doo doo doo!
And it's true. What would this world be without love? Let me tell you, a desolate wasteland filled with pain, suffering, and too many orphans to count. The parents could be alive somewhere, but with no love, why would the parents want to stay with their kids?
     Beacuse of love, so many children have homes. Think for a minute. Where would you be right now if your mom gave birth to you, and then left you? Just think. I can tell you one thing, you would not be wherever you are right now. You would be on the streets, or working long hours with minimum wage. All you've eaten today was some cereal that you bought from a grossery store, possibly out of date. If you were lucky enough to have a house, you would have no heat, no hot water. So many things that we take for granted, gone. Even with love, more than 25% of this world lives like this. List 10 things you did today, that someone out there does not have, that you could have given up, or gone without.
1.Took a shower
2. Went out to dinner
3. Watched T.V.
4. Typed here
5. Drank clean water.

and so much more that I can't list off the top of my head. The unfortunate people, when I see someone who is either homeless, neglected or just plain lonely, I wonder if anybody loves them, and If not, what their life would be like if someone loved them. Don't you ever wonder that?

"Ahh, look at all the lonely people,
where do they all come from?"
-The Beatles
Eleanor Rigby

The distance is small;
Though they are worlds apart...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Saturday shock

My agenda today was to do not much. I went to the park with my freinds, taking advantage of this beautiful day. We got a pizza for lunch and ate it at a picnick table at the park.
    Before lunch, we were rolling around the park (we were on bikes and rollerblades), and we bumped into some friends. Or, maybe not freinds per-say, but, aquaintences. One of the girls needed to use the bathroom, and the park bathrooms are not open yet, because it is only March. I brought her to our house and when she walked in, she said,"Wow! Your house is huge!". Those of you who have been to my house, know that this is not true. She saw my room, and was shocked by how clean annd big it was. It is clean and big, but its not gigantic.
     I want to raise awareness that there is still people in America who need help, not just in Russia. Its world wide. A map here is shown of poverty in the world. America is fairly low, but look at Africa and Russia and Asia. Their all so poor. I want to send all of my money over to Japan to help there with the earth quake and all, but thats not possible for me right now. All of my money is going to the "Send Bridget to the orphans" fund. When I was little, 7 years old, I had a lemonade stand to help in Louisiana, with hurrucane Katrina. I managed to raise $50. I wish it were possible to help every one. But its just simply not. I sometimes think,"If there are people out there who don't even have clothes, why do we have all the food we could eat, why do we have all of this?". I came up with an answer today. Because we're greedy. But yet, why am I still sitting here, typing to you? Every single one of us who is reading this page, is  considered rich by the worlds standards. I'm thinking of all of the people who have given things, and people who have said things that made me feel good. And then, there's the list of people I have not given back to, who have given to me. Someone did something so great for me today, I have know clue how to repay her. She's using her birthday to raise money for me to go to Russia. Her birthday! I can't even put into words how gracious I am. I'm putting put a great big

Its all thanks to you that I have hopes of going this month!

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. 
 ~William Shakespeare

p.s. the link to her blog is here

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Awaiting

I got an email today from my best friend. It was originally a facebook thing, last year. I did'nt know about it, for I don't have one. She emailed it to me, and asked me to post it on my blog. Agreeing, here it is:

Name in one word all of these things that describe you:

Whats your favorite drink: Juice
If you could be described in one word, that the whole world would know, what would it be? Giving.
If you could choose your name, what would it be? Juliette.
If you could do anything in the world what would it be? Adopt.
What do you want most in this world? Sister
If you could automaticly know any language, what language would you choose? Russian.
Whats your favorite thing about you? Personality.

I'll give an explination to all of these. My favorite drink is juice only because milk makes my mouth feel like rotting dairy if I don't brush my teeth soon after. Giving describes me, well, answer honestly, how many 12 year olds do you know who willingly will drop everything and go to Siberia? If I could choose my name, my three favorites are: Julia, Juliette and Sadie. My last name begins with an A, so, try saying Julia A... it's too hard! Juliette sounds nice, and Sadie fits me, my personality, and its so-totally-50's! For obvious reasons, I want to adopt. I would insanely enjoy learning Russian, so that I would know what they are saying to me. I just hear gibberish when anyone speaks in Russian, because there's so many darn consonants in a row!I can't even say a simple "Hello!" I can easily say "Hi" but, thats rather informal! I adore my personality, sometimes. Living with un-diagnosed ADD is very tough. Theres no medication if its not diagnosed, so you stuck with "When one angle of a triangle is 45 degrees and the other is 20 degrees, the other angle is, umm, well, its uh, well, umm, 115 degrees?", that sort of thing. 

     And last, I really want a sister. Not biological, I really want to adopt "G" (girl at the orphanage). Last night while trying to fall asleep, I planned the entire thing. We would sell my bed, and buy a bunk bed. She would get my Care-Bears blanket and my red roses quilt and sleep on the bottom bunk with pink sheets and a purple pillow case on a fluffy feather pillow. Waiting on her bed when she comes home, will be my big green frog holding a king-size hershy's chocolate bar. Our room will be painted green and on the door, there will be a "Bridget and G's room" sign. When you step into the room, there will be a bureau with 6 drawers. 3 for me, 3 for G. In the corner is 2 bean-bag chairs, a green one for me, a red one for her. The bookshelf has many, many books, some easy ones for her and bigger ones for me. Under one window is my desk, with pictures of me and her adorning it. Under the other window, near our bed, is her desk. On her desk is a big musical card singing Hakuna Matata. There is hearts and pictures of her friends back at the orphanage and hersheys kisses (can you tell I like chocolate?). There's a closet filled 1/4 of my stuff and 3/4 of G's. Her clothes are all brightly colored with animals on them. On the bed-side table will be a pink flowery lamp, a photo of me and her some water, and a radio. My fish will be sitting atop the bureau swimming around happily! 
     When I finally fell asleep, I dreamed of her. We were walking in the village around the orphanage, and either I was speaking perfect Russian or she was speaking perfect english. She was telling me how excited she was about coming with us. She was asking me what our room looked like and I was telling her. Fast-forward to when we're on the plane, on our way home. She keep's looking out the window and asking "Is that my new home?" and I kept saying "No, our home is farther west". Even when we were somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, "Is that my new home?". "No, G, we're not fish.". When we did get home, she was so exited when we walked into our room.
     I feel silly fantasizing over a girl that I've never met. People have told me that she's a troublemaker, but, I live with my brother, don't I?  
     I'm still saving my pennies to get over there! I've got $181 and counting! Waiting for the day when both of my parents are home so that I can get my passport! The U.S. makes it necessary for both parents to be present when a child under 18 gets a passport. Since I am a child under 18, both of my parents have to be there. We're aiming for Friday.
     What are you guys giving up for Lent? I'm doing meat. Not just red meat. Chicken, fish, pork, bacon (am I going to have a tough time with that one!) burger, steak, you name it! Already it's proven hard! Chicken noodle soup for dinner! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Can't yummy home cooking wait until after Easter? 
     Borders books is going out of business (:(). So we (My mom and I) went to the book store and got some really cheap, good quality stuff! Yes, we are supposed to be saving our money, but I got some really cool stuff! Four things. One: A snoopy paper-clip bookmark. Two: A Russian language learning CD/dictionary/reading guide...similar to Rosetta stone. Three: The complete idiots guide on leaning Russian. Four: a follow along guide with 100 words and how to read Russian. They are proving to work well! I'll tell you 4 words that I've learned! Tsvetok: Flower. Plafki: Underwear. Shkaf: Cabinet. Ozera: Lake. See? Well, I gotta go! 
             Two of us sending postcards writing letters... 
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home
-The Beatles
Two of us
p.s. Comment with your answers to the questions!
p.s.s. PUT YOUR SHOES ON! Only a few of you will know what I'm talking about...